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WE HELP CLIENTS look into the distance toward the horizon, which represents their long-term financial goals.

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Take the Long View SM

Frequent Conversations

Explore some of our frequent conversations below, and don't hesitate to give us a call at 314.448.4023, we'd love to speak with you.

Two of our core competencies are:

1. Establish a long-term client relationship

We have a consultative client relationship process that is achieved in a series of meetings precisely orchestrated to know our clients' financial challenges and then execute a comprehensive investment solution for them.

We work with a select number of clients ...we don't take clients unless we can add substantial value to their financial lives.

2. Leveraged with other strategic partners

We are aligned with a group of top advisors who share the same philosophy.

We are an approved advisor with two of the most respected evidence-based institutional mutual fund managers in the world.

We have a fixed income group that is able to leverage its' buying power to benefit our clients. These markets can have very expensive hidden markups that we are able to minimize.

We have formed professional relationships with other financial experts that are accessible to our clients (estate planning attorneys, accountants and risk management experts).

Our typical client is very smart and inquisitive. Our experience has taught us that intelligent people appreciate data, logic and evidence when making critical decisions. They do not make decisions quickly, but rather conduct careful due diligence to ensure that they have the best odds of success on their side.

We work with a limited number of clients for whom we can add significant value. We work primarily with corporate executives or business owners to simplify their financial life so they have more time to do what they love.

Roughly half of our clients are in St. Louis, with the other half located around the United States.

Hill Investment Group isn't for everyone. Those we do choose to partner with share three characteristics:

Number one: They're optimistic, upbeat — they enjoy life.

Number two: They're happy to delegate their investment decisions to us. That's why they've come to Hill — they've got their own daily lives to lead, their own passions to pursue.

Number three: They get what Hill is about: disciplined, long-view investing built on an academic, intelligent approach. They know that we're curious about the world — that we love books and ideas. That we're enthusiastic. That we have a craftsman's pride of work and dedication to a small but important group of customers.

The initial decision is the asset allocation for each client. Studies have shown that this decision determines the vast majority of the investment returns. The breakdown between equity and fixed income is client specific and based on each client's ability, willingness and need to take risk. We also perform a Monte Carlo analysis that shows outcomes using different asset allocations...this provides valuable insight in determining each client's proper allocation.

After deciding on the Equity/Fixed Income breakdown, we will determine the breakdown of the various equity asset classes and fixed income selections. The end result will be a diversified portfolio that provides the best odds of success to achieve each client's financial goals.

The next decision is the asset location or placement of assets in the taxable and tax-deferred accounts. The most tax efficient assets (US Large Equity, Intl Large Value) will be held in the taxable accounts. The most tax inefficient assets (Fixed Income, REITs) will be held in the tax-deferred accounts.

Vanguard offers both index and active funds. Index funds will hold the stocks in the appropriate benchmark (ie, S&P 500, Russell 2000, etc.). As the benchmark changes the composition of the stocks each year, the index fund has to buy and sell the individual stocks and often pay excessive trading costs.

The evidence-based funds that we use (Dimensional Funds Advisors and Bridgeway) are not constrained by the stocks in the benchmark. These funds will buy and hold the stocks based on their size and value tilt and avoid inopportune trading costs, which can improve returns.

If you decide to build a portfolio using index funds, you must be prepared to have the discipline to choose an appropriate allocation, rebalance as markets fluctuate, and harvest tax losses when available. We find that most investors have good intentions to stay on top of their investments on their own, but easily become distracted going forward.

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